Friday, April 21, 2017

Brotherly Love

We started the week off a little shaky, and I hoped it was due to the disruption to our schedule from Easter weekend. Thank goodness, my sweet little boys were back and better by Tuesday! This week, you've been even more lovey dovey and cuddly than before with your sister. You both eagerly wait for "her eyes to open," each morning to kiss her, sing to her, and help her wake up!

We've even seemed to turn a bedtime / naptime corner. Both are easier than ever! It would typically take an hour, sometimes an hour and half of fighting naptime, if you even went down at all. Five out of five days this week, you both went down in under fifteen minutes! Hallelujah!! Bedtime has been equally easy (we feared the return of naps would make you too hyper for bed, but it hasn't!). I hope I'm not jinxing anything and that you have both finally adjusted to your beds / bedtime routine. Overall, it has been a calm, easy-going week as we've returned to our routine.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had filled with family, love, and an incredible church service! We are beyond blessed and I am so thankful for this special holiday. Thank you Lord for your unimaginable sacrifice so that we could have everlasting life! This is a sacrifice my human brain will never be able to fully understand, but will forever be grateful.

As the boys have been shouting for two weeks now, "Hosana! Hosana! He's alive!" Amen. He is alive so that we may live again too!

Easter Eve at Nenny and Papa Donnie's house:
Easter at church, Grandpa and Grandma Karen's house, and Paka and Zsu Zsu's house:


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Disney on Ice

Oh my goodness!! We have always wanted to take you boys to some sort of kids' show, but never had. Well, Friday we did!

Disney on Ice was in town, so we were off to see Mickey, Minnie, and gang. We didn't tell you where we were going, just that we were off to a "surprise." The whole way there you asked and searched for the surprise.

Even once we arrived, we didn't tell you what you'd be seeing. Your sweet faces just lit up when Mickey and Minnie came skating out, which was absolutely magical for me and your Daddy. It was such a fun night for us all - even you Charleigh! You were a champ and slept through the whole show, Sister!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Easter Festivites

One of my favorite things about holidays with kids are the activities we do leading up to the actual holiday. It has definitely been an adjustment adding a third into the mix, but Charleigh you are such a great baby that it still hasn't been too difficult!

Prior to Easter we made paper Eggs using shaving cream and paint, learned about the story of Easter, and of course dyed Easter eggs (which mommy, unknowingly, picked out the most complex box of dye imaginable!).

One of my favorite days and activities - had some special one-on-one time with all three kiddos to make the shaving cream eggs:
The Easter story: 
Dying Easter eggs:

Sunday, April 9, 2017

One Month

How can it be that you've been with us an entire month already?! Time is just flying by and we are trying to soak up every little moment.
  • You a such a great baby so far and we are all so smitten by you. From nearly the moment you were born, you've been a professional eater! You have had no problems nursing which has been such an answered prayer. I love being able to nurse, but it definitely isn't easy and takes serious commitment. So when it is easy for the baby to nurse, it makes it that much easier for momma not to want to give up. We aren't on any kind of schedule yet, since you're still so young, and basically nurse on demand, but there are some patterns in your feeding schedule. In the morning, you typically eat every 2.5 to 3 hours. In the early evenings, typically between 5:00 and 9:00, you seem to do more cluster feedings, eating every hour (which I'm definitely okay with because this seems to set you up for longer stretches of sleep at night).
  • On top of being such a great eater, you also love your sleep and will sleep just about anywhere. You take at least one nap a day snuggled up on my chest (because I learned with your brothers, that that won't last forever at all - so I take all the sleepy snuggles I can get!) and typically one nap on your daddy after work. You've had some pretty long stretches of sleep through the night too! You've had three nights where you've slept five hours in a row and two nights of six hour stretches!
  • You are growing so quickly (measurements coming after your checkup this week!). You still fit into your newborn clothes, but you can also get away with wearing some 0-3 month sized clothing and a few 3 month sized outfits (with plenty of room to grow too). 
  • You are a very content, easy going baby. As of now, you don't do much crying, unless you're hungry or need a diaper change. I love your "hungry cry." It starts out as a little sniff and grunt, lip curled up as you search for food, and one eye winking at us.
  • You adore your brothers already, and they you. As soon as they start talking to you, your find their face and watch them so intently. They love to sing to you, hold you, and help you with tummy time.
  • You have begun to make a few coo-ing sounds and maybe even given us a couple "social" smiles (not just baby reflex smiles). You are a strong little one, and do great with tummy time. 
Not only did you turn one month today, it was also your first day at church! Your brothers have been going to church with Tse Tse and were excited to finally have the whole family back in church. You did great and slept most of the time, waking just for a few minutes for a quick snack.

We are so thankful for you Charleigh Jo and love watching you grow already. You are such a sweet, little, love bug! And as we sing to you all the time, Charleigh Jo...we love you so!