Thursday, March 16, 2017

One Week Old

I can't believe that one week ago, I was laying in a hospital bed waiting to meet you! What a wonderful whirlwind ride it has been, too.

Saturday afternoon, the three of us headed home. We keep saying how completely opposite the two pregnancies and deliveries have been, so it was a little surreal to have a "normal" hospital stay. You were able to stay in our room (and not the NICU) and you were released from the hospital as the same time as your momma. We were so excited to get you home to your big brothers who we were missing terribly.
As we pulled into the driveway, we saw two beaming boys waiting on the front porch singing, "Where's our sister? Where's our sister? Charleigh Jo! Charleigh Jo!" You have both been so excited to meet your baby sister, but we've been anxious to see if that would transfer once she really arrived. Not only did it transfer, but you are even more proud of her now that she is here! The smiles and kisses you wanted to give her were wonderful. Ryan, while we were all in the living room, you proclaimed, "I so happy baby sister home and we all together in our house." So true little boy! From the moment we got home, we all four just knew, she belonged and our family was now complete.
Saturday evening, our first night home, we discovered you had spiked a fever, Wiley. I instantly went into panic mode, fearing that you would get sick too and would end up back in the PICU (we had worked so hard to keep you from there -- you couldn't end up going back to the hospital!). I am so thankful we had close family friends in town this weekend and they were at our house Saturday night. Them being over helped my anxiety not spike too bad, as well as allowed you to receive your first annointing. Patrick and Paka prayed over the entire family. The moment, "Amen," was whispered, I felt such a peace. I knew we would have to keep you boys away from your sister, but my anxiety was gone and I trusted completely the Lord would protect you, Charleigh.

Sunday morning, Wiley you woke up fever free and we celebrated! ...Ryan, however, you woke up with the fever. I am thankful that my peace wasn't stolen though and I still trusted you'd stay healthy, Charleigh.

We enjoyed some quiet family time over the next few days, both of you boys now developing colds and still having to be separated from your sister (torture for us all!).

On Tuesday, you had your first check-up, Charleigh Jo. You weighed in at 7 pounds 10 ounces -- one ounce away from your birth weight already! You were in the 97th percentile for your height and 56th percentile for your weight. And again, I say, complete opposite of your brothers who struggled to ever even get on the chart! I just love the differences between these two experiences - both wonderful! In fact, you are doing so well, the doctor told us you didn't need to come back for your two week checkup!

We will see how things go next week once Daddy returns to work, but so far, life seems pretty complete with you coming home. It'll definitely be a challenge juggling three of you now, but we are just over the moon to welcome you to our family, Charleigh. It's so exciting to think of all the future holds for us, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we are going to soak up all the snuggles and cuddles we can.

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